biofuel signFrom Seed to Sky—Renewable Energy Founded in Agriculture

Welcome to Calyx Bio-Ventures!

Calyx Bio-Ventures Inc., is an agricultural technology company focused on renewable fuels including renewable diesel and biojet. Calyx owns approximately 25% of Agrisoma Biosciences Inc., a company that is producing an exciting new proprietary non-food energy feedstock crop - carinata - which yields oil that can be refined into fuel and used in existing engines as a 100% petroleum substitute. From seed to sky, the production of carinata substantially reduces carbon and other harmful emissions, and helps to reduce global petroleum dependence.  Carinata oil has been used to produce drop-in jet fuel, compatible with existing jet engines without any engine modifications.  While reducing carbon and greenhouse gas emissions, carinata can also reduce the world’s dependence on petroleum-based fuels. Calyx also owns a proprietary suite of intellectual property and patents related to plant genetics and biotechnology.

On October 29, 2012, the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) successfully completed the world’s first flight segment on 100% renewable, drop-in biofuel, in a civilian aircraft - a Falcon 20 jet.  That drop-in fuel was produced using oil from carinata. Results results showed a 50% reduction in aerosol emissions, a 25% reduction in particles, a 49% reduction in black carbon and a 1.5% improvement in fuel usage - a potentially significant savings for the aviation industry.

The flight was so significant that Popular Science Magazine named it one of the Top 25 Most Important Scientific Events of 2012. Read the article:

This proprietary crop has the potential for a multi-billion dollar impact on the renewable fuel and agriculture industries.  We expect it be a game-changer in renewable energy and we are excited to share this on a global level, for green aviation fuel, for farmers looking for a smart and hearty rotation crop, and for those who want to see dramatically reduced carbon emissions.

It all starts with the seed to “grow oil.”

Please watch the historic first 100% biojet fuel video from The Discovery Channel

The Discovery Channel aired a segment about the historical world’s first 100% biofuel flight, sponsored by Canada’s National Research Council. This flight used drop-in fuel produced from feedstock produced from carinata.

Click here to watch the full episode